PAKSAT offers Multiple Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) Broadcast service on PAKSAT-1R @ 38° East from its  teleport providing access to millions of cable households across Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe.

Remote Playout

Delivering scalable and fully tailored playout services with expertise and technology to operate everything from SD to HD TV channels or multi-channel bouquets for delivery to cable head ends across Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe.

Smart Encoding

Our state of the art encoders use intelligent encoding algorithms to provide excellent video quality and bandwidth efficiency for a high quality yet affordable broadcast solution.

Playlist Scheduling

Our MCPC solution is designed to deliver convenience and superior value to TV Broadcasters. In order to facilitate Customers in managing their content remotely, we can offer a convenient playlist scheduling software which takes care of all their playout management needs.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and support system, including both video and audio checks.

Our Customer support can be accessed at all times, either by telephone or email.