Satellite Capacity Services

PAKSAT offers commercial satellite capacity lease through its new High Power Satellite PAKSAT-1R at 38° East.

  • Broadcast

    PAKSAT-1R is being used across the region by TV Broadcasters for uplinking, Satellite News Gathering and Contribution links.

    High performance transponders supporting TV broadcast and HDTV programming across the region.

    Direct one hop access into premium UK and mainland Europe cable and DTH platforms through a network of strategically located mediaport partners.

    Convenient turnaround via fiber from UK to North America for cost effective access to US and Canadian cable and DTH head-ends.

    High-power beam for robust cellular back-haul connectivity across S. Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Central Asia.

    Ideal for cost effective IP trunking from UK and Mainland Europe into S. Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Central Asia.

  • Telecom

    With the coverage extending from South Asia to Southern Europe, PAKSAT is becoming the preferred choice for Mobile, Fixed and WLL network operators, along with LDIs and DNOPs who in turn provide affordable connectivity for their customers.

    GSM operators are benefiting from significant cost savings by using PAKSAT for backhaul connectivity to extend their services to rural and remote areas thereby enhancing their competitive edge while keeping their network costs low.

  • Data

    PAKSAT is ideally suited for businesses and enterprises seeking a cost effective and reliable solution for their connectivity requirements. A number of data network operators are successfully using PAKSAT to offer enterprise connectivity solutions in various sectors like banks, oil companies, health, education and construction. These connectivity solutions are based on latest technologies including;




    PAKSAT enable businesses highly cost effective means to deploy mission critical applications, regardless of the location and remoteness of their offices. Some typical applications deployed using PAKSAT include;

    Web Access

    Corporate Network

    Voice over IP

    Video Conferencing

  • Internet

    PAKSAT-1R offers excellent coverage over Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia allowing operators and service providers to take advantage of growing requirement for broadband internet access in some of the most un-served areas of the world.

    A number of operators and service providers are taking advantage of PAKSAT value proposition and coverage to offer broadband internet connectivity to Internet Service Providers (ISP), businesses and home users using DVB, DVB-S2 and i-direct hubs.

  • DTH

    With exceptional link reliability and stability even under adverse weather conditions, PAKSAT´s Unmatched high-powered Ku-band is ideal for DTH services. PAKSAT has the only hotspot of upto 53 dBW over Pakistan, rest of South Asia and parts of Central Asia, enabling use of small antennas - upto 60 cm.