PAKSAT-1R High Powered Satellite with Enhanced Capacity & Wider Coverage.                                Your best choice for Broadcast & Telecommunication needs.                                More Power.


PAKSAT-1R was launched in August 2011 and replaced earlier satellite PAKSAT-1.

PAKSAT offers commercial satellite capacity lease and managed services through its new High Power Satellite PAKSAT-1R which is located at 38° East. With a strong customer base across South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, PAKSAT-1R is serving TV Broadcasters, Cellular Operators, Internet & Data Service Providers and Government Organizations across 4 continents.

PAKSAT continue to expand its portfolio of services with introduction of managed services through its partner teleports in UAE and UK providing a host of broadcast and data solutions.

At PAKSAT, we view our relationship with our customers as a long term partnership. This philosophy guides us in every aspect of our service, and serves as our motivation to continually strive for excellence, offering new innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers that add real value to their business.


Paksat-MM 1 (PakSat Multi-Mission Satelite 1) satellite previously Asiasat 4 is a Boeing BSS-601HP or "high power" version of the body-stabilized spacecraft. It is designed to provide broadcast, telecommunications and broadband multimedia services to the 04 continents, and direct-to-home broadcast services to Pakistan, from its orbital position of 38.2° East longitude.

The satellite generates up to 9,600 Watts using two sun-tracking four-panel solar wings covered with triple-junction gallium arsenide solar cells. Paksat-MM1 operates in C-band and Ku-band. The satellite carries 28 active transponders with six spares in C-band, powered by 55 watt traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), and 20 active transponders with four spares in Ku-band, powered by 140 watt TWTAs.

Expanding Your Reach !!

PAKSAT-1R is being used across the region by TV Broadcasters for uplinking, Satellite News Gathering and Contribution links.

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Expanding Your Reach

PAKSAT now offers MCPC Broadcast service on PAKSAT-1R.

High Powered Satellite

Pakistan's first Communications Satellite PAKSAT-1R operates at orbital location of 38° East.

MCPC Broadcast

PAKSAT offers Multiple Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) Broadcast service on PAKSAT-1R @ 38° East.

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Satellite Coverage

PAKSAT-1R provides ideal coverage across 4 continents.

For Further Information & Assistance

Head Office
Plot No. 37 to 40, 4th Floor, Wisteria Road, DHA-2, Islamabad.
Head Office
+92 51 5147114
+92 51 5147115
+92 51 2289250
+92 51 9254229

Regional Office
Satellite Control Facility (SCF-K) SUPARCO Sector 18/A, Scheme 33, Karachi, Pakistan.
Regional Office
+92 21 34654569
+92 21 34654566
+92 21 34654567


Communications Operations Control Center (COCC) Lahore
+92 423 6026017
+92 300 4895791
+92 423 6026050
Multiple Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) Station Karachi
+92 301 2060271
+92 332 2666906
+92 213 4242697
Satellite Control Center (SCC) Lahore
+92 423 6026016
+92 324 9415032
+92 423 6026050